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Company Retirement Plans

Horizon Wealth Management can help your business attract and retain key employees and foster a higher level of employee satisfaction through a well- designed and implemented company retirement plan.  We are committed to delivering customized plan design and implementation, an outstanding client service experience along with robust investment options, fiduciary support services, and quality participant education, all of which helps prepare for a secure tomorrow.

Fiduciary Best Practices

Fiduciary Monitoring   System

Efficiently screen, monitor and evaluate the status of your plan’s investment lineup enabling us to prioritize compliance with plan and government regulations.

Retirement Plan Health  Check

Objectively report on your plan’s health and value in comparison to similar peer groups by using key plan data such as portfolio diversification, age based deferral rates, aggregate plan performance, plan fees and more.

Investment Due Diligence

Investment  Due Diligence

Utilizing independent research data, we will monitor and compile quarterly reports to keep you up to date on your plan’s investment health with regard to performance and risk.

Expense Analysis

Independent comparison to valid peer groups of plan fees which include investment management fees, recordkeeping fees, administrative fees and advisor fees.

Prudent Plan Management

Employee Education Meetings

We are available to conduct employee education meetings to discuss current plan features, investment options, and the importance of a healthy retirement outcome. We offer plan participants individual meetings to help them develop a personalized investment plan.

Operational Audit

Review of administrative and data flow procedures to ensure compliance and critical support for ongoing administration of the plan.

We have offices in New Albany, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky.